Creatives Project - Neal Pollack

031-worked-small I was in Austin, Texas recently for the Texas Photo Round-Up (which was great by the way and if you have an opportunity to attend next year, definitely go.  And eat breakfast tacos at Jo's - I miss them already).  Anyway, when I was making plans to attend, I definitely wanted to find some time to photograph Neal Pollack for my Creatives Project - I was happy he was back in Austin from Los Angeles!  He graciously agreed to be photographed and was a great sport – good thing he practices yoga as I asked him to squat in this camouflaged bin for trash cans filled with some weird Texas bugs!  Why Neal Pollack you ask?  Before we had our daughter, his book Alternadad was brought to my attention somehow - -and for whatever reason, it totally calmed me down to the future experience of being  a father.  And allowed me to anticipate the day I would walk into my daughter's room to find the walls and crib covered with her finger-painted poo.  Now, he's experimenting with a new model of publishing,  putting out a bunch of books independently (his Downward Facing Death and Jewball) and electronically representing what could possibly be what the future of book publishing looks like.  But I am no writer, enjoy the image!  And, many thanks to Neal for agreeing to the shoot!  I'll write more about Austin soon -- and another Creatives portrait shoot in Austin! You can like me on Facebook here or follow me on Twitter here for updates.