Creative Series - 179


This is the artist 179 (a.k.a. Angelina Villalobos).  I love her murals, the first one of hers I had seen was the gigantic one she worked on here in Belltown.  I love the way her animals weave and bob -- I thought it would be fun to make 179 a whimsical creature as well!  She was excited to do it so my 4-year old daughter and myself were off to have fun with paper mache!  Today, we set about to shoot -- we did two set-ups: one in front of one of her murals on lower Queen Anne and the other over in Golden Gardens.  I wanted to get away from the stereotype of street artists being photographed in front of some of their murals.  I love the 'Where the Wild Things Are' aesthetic of the woodsy image but also love the set-up in the more urban image.  What are your thoughts?