Creatives Project - Jeremy Fish

Michael Hipple/ King of San Francisco?  Nope, that’s just artist Jeremy Fish (King of North Beach perhaps?), whom I had the pleasure of photographing from atop Telegraph Hill – though it does kind of look like he might be in a television news station or something!  You really should click on the image to see it bigger.  Anyway, I had a lot of fun photographing this awesome artist – and chatting about our similar backgrounds from upstate New York and the outrageous price of housing in San Francisco and the Bay Area in general.  I still can’t quite figure out how creative people can create and live in this city!

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Creatives Project - Mark Atomos Pilon

This past weekend, I ventured north of the border to Vancouver, British Columbia to photograph the amazing artist, illustrator, painter, and all around super nice guy Mark Atomos Pilon. He cheerfully opened his doors to myself and my family, our kids played, we made some photographs.  I borrowed the astronaut helmet from one of my daughter's little friends (thanks Oliver, Michael, and Lisa!) and thankfully Mark provided the ray gun!