Creatives Series - El Vez

I asked performer El Vez to participate in my Creatives series and he replied that he had a 7-foot tall Christmas tree from last year he’d like to set on fire and use that in a photo shoot. Of course, I jumped at this! As I drove to the location, I was actually nervous – thoughts of fire escaping and burning his house, my camera and lighting gear, ourselves! Visions of police and ambulances filled my head. And, when I got there, we got everything set up and El Vez turns to me and says, “If my hair catches on fire, keep shooting!” And now thoughts of Michael Jackson’s hair on fire in the Pepsi commercial back in the eighties is stuck in my head. In the end, the tree went up pretty quickly and erupted into huge flames – it did fall over but nothing horrible happened. I’m alive. El Vez is alive. And my camera and lighting gear is intact!