Show at Glasswing: "HOME: Artists of the El Capitan"

elcap-small From their press release, hope to see you there!:

Home to a large number of artists, designers, people who’ve lived there for 30 plus years and the occasional ghost (There’s rumor of one who likes to hang out in the elevator), the El Capitan apartments is an iconic Seattle residence.  Building owner Alvin Hendricks has supported the artistic community in the city through offering and maintaining affordable housing to those residing there.  Photographer Mike Hipple has gotten to know and photograph some of the many residents of the building. His newest show, HOME: Artists of the El Capitan is a series of portraits that give a glimpse into the lives and overall tightknit community of the creative minds that inhabit the El Capitan. The list includes: Sierra Stinson & Graham Downing, Kevin Ellis, Doug Newman, Stacey Rozich, Lynda Sherman, Amber Murray, Kate Bailey, Tina Randolph & Shawn Brown, Erin Frost, Olivia McCausland, Andrew Berg, Ruthie Haskell, Beth Martini

Glasswing is excited to host Hipple’s one-week exhibition that spotlights some of our dearest friends and well respected in Seattle. HOME: Artists of the El Cap runs Thursday May 8th – Thursday May 14th. Join us for Capitol Hill Art Walk this Thursday 6pm – 9pm for an opening reception.

For more information contact Glasswing: 1525 Melrose Ave Seattle, WA 98122