Rose Marcus, Evolutionary Astrologer

115-working-small Rose Marcus is an evolutionary astrologer/teacher/clairvoyant/tarot card reader based just north of Vancouver, British Columbia. She's been practicing for over 30 years now and is focused on evolutionary astrology studies, which she describes as "the past lifetime dynamics that have brought the individual to present circumstances and level of personal development."

Rose was raised in eastern Canada in the Eastern Orthodox church and as she told me, "It is very patriarchal – I didn’t take on any of that as I child but my senses were on overload with the mystical components – the multitude of candles, the incense, the Gregorian chants and solemnity of the rituals, some quite Pagan – (i.e. praying to all 4 directions), my favourite was looking up at the cathedral’s ceiling - it was painted as the night sky, with whisps of clouds and iridescent stars."


The yellow-gold stone in her rings is the Citrine stone. Its healing properties are that of empowerment, and amplification of mental clarity, confidence, and the creative/transformative process.  It is also known as a success stone.

It was such a pleasure meeting Rose Marcus!  She is as kind as she is wise!

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